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Tools for churches

The various graphics will be uploaded as they become available throughout November. Please check back or call 512.419.7729 if you have an urgent need.

Use these pre-designed displays and inserts to help promote Seek God For The City in your city or congregation. There is no charge for these tools.


A poster-size version of the cover that you can print locally in color.

(Many churches have produced excellent posters for only a few dollars by making an enlarged photocopy of the front cover using a local Kinko’s or other photocopy shop.)

Table-top Signs for Suggesting Donations

Signs designed to be folded in half like a tent, and stand up on a table. These documents are editable, so you can suggest any donation amount. One important note: People use what they value and they value what they pay for. By encouraging people to offer a donation of one to three dollars for a copy, you’ll find that they will participate more fully and your costs will usually be more than covered.


Table-top SignColor Signs

Black and White Signs


Vert3SpanColor Signs

Black and White Signs

Images of the Cover of Seek God for the City

Graphics ready to be printed in newsletters, church bulletins and flyers; posted on websites; e-mailed, etc.



Print: for use in newsletters, bulletins, etc. (300 dpi)

Screen: for use on websites (72 dpi)


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