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Ways to Pray

Practical, portable, powerful ways to enliven your prayers where you work, live or play. Pocket-sized prayer guides help you pray for others wherever you find yourself.

Light from My House: Ways to Pray for God’s Light to Shine

Fight the battle of light overcoming darkness in the lives of people you care about. Focused prayers ignited by biblical passages about the light of Christ. Order online »

The Lord is Their Shepherd: Ways to Pray for Goodness and Mercy

Follow the 23rd Psalm as a guideline to pray for others. Pray your way into the story of what God is doing in the lives of people who are close to you, but still far from God. Pray them all the way home. Order online »

Blessings: Ways to Pray in Hope

Learn how to pray blessings by using your own words to express the goodness in God’s heart for others. Seven biblical themes with sample prayers of blessing help you pray for the fulfillment of God’s purpose for next-door neighbors or distant nations. Order online »

What Would Jesus Pray? Ways to Pray Like Jesus

Prayers Jesus actually prayed, organized around seven parts of the “Lord’s prayer.” Pray with the same clear purpose Jesus used when He prayed for others. Order online »

Open My City: Ways to Pray for Neighbors

Seven biblical themes of openness. Pray open the eyes, ears and lives of those who seem closed to Christ. Pray open the homes and hearts of Christians to welcome them. Order online »

Prompts for Prayerwalkers: Ways to Pray from God’s Word for Your World

Helps prayerwalkers to get started and veterans to keep going. Select scriptures and “street-tested” prayers equip you to pray on-site with insight. Biblical ideas help you enjoy praying with persistence. Order online »

Order in bulk and save

Booklets in the “Ways to Pray” series are a 16-page format, 3 1/2 by 7 inches.

$2.00 each. Great quantity discounts for bulk orders of 20 or more enable you to distribute them easily to others in your prayer gatherings. Order online »

Number of Copies Discount Cost
1-19 copies $2.00 each
20-49 copies 10% $1.80 each
50-99 copies 20% $1.60 each
100-249 copies 25% $1.50 each
250-499 copies 30% $1.40 each
500-999 copies 35% $1.30 each
1000+ 40% $1.20 each

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