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Hope different. Pray different.

  • Ten Days of Praise; Ascension to Pentecost; May 18 - May 27, 2023

    Ten Days of Praise

    May 18 – May 27, 2023
    Ascension to Pentecost

    The first season of united prayer got underway on the day that Jesus ascended to heaven. It went on for ten days until Pentecost morning. The ten days after Christ’s ascension is a wonderful time for God’s people to offer united praise and prayer. Join with Christ followers from many parts of the world using these expressions of love and praise.

  • As we hope, so shall we live.

    Live in a larger story–the story of God’s mission, in which Jesus Christ will be honored and loved by all peoples. In that story lies your greatest hope and purpose.

  • As we pray, so shall we hope.

    Pray toward God’s purpose according to biblical promise. In that kind of praying you are co-working with Christ as He fulfills God’s purpose for all cities, nations and peoples.

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