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About WayMakers

WayMakers is a mobilization ministry focused on seeing Christ glorified by obedient, worshiping movements in every people group.

Christ’s Greater Glory by Saturation Prayer

Christ’s glory is enhanced and advanced by sensitive, persistent prayer offered openly by God’s people on behalf of those who have yet to believe and follow Christ. That’s why we equip and encourage Christians to pursue a vision of living in a prayed-for community, and of course, a prayed-for world. Participating in this kind of “saturation prayer,” out-bounded, as it were, from personal concerns, can help Christians move into what we call “prayer mission” with God. When people co-labor with God by prayer, Christ is centralized and glorified. Hurting and broken people are seen for what they can become in Christ. We see where God desires to do miraculous things, as well as the matters where we simply need to serve people.

Beyond mere compassion to co-passion

When people grow in experiencing God’s passion for Christ’s glory and the redemption of people, we are convinced that their lives are integrated with life-giving purpose. Instead of attempting to serve others with occasional outbursts of compassion, people can find their lives integrated with what we call “co-passion” — a way of living in friendship with God that relies on God’s own joy and jealousy to be the energizing, integrating power of their lives.

Beyond mere duty to destiny

When people grow in wisdom concerning God’s promise for the nations, they can find their lives empowered by persistent hope about what God has purposed to fulfill. This simple way of working and walking with God can bring a balance and a joy to serving Christ. This way of serving God stands in contrast to being driven by the mere duty of meeting human needs as they may be perceived.

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