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Many prefer to use their credit card to make monthly or special gifts. A 3% fee to process your credit card is subtracted from the gift before it gets to WayMakers. You may use the form below to convey your credit card information conveniently and safely. Or, if you prefer, you can call us at (800) 264-5214 or (512) 419-7729 to process your gift.

WayMakers encourages living a debt-free lifestyle. It is our hope that no one would incur any debt from giving by using their credit card.

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  • Enter the amount you wish to give in US dollars
  • All recurring donations can be changed or cancelled at any time by calling WayMakers at (800) 264-5214 or (512) 419-7729 or e-mailing info@waymakers.org.
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  • Within the USA, please enter your billing address.
    Outside the USA, please do NOT enter your billing address.

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