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WayMakers affirms the doctrinal confession of the church as articulated by the Lausanne Covenant.


The following document is an expression of lifestyle and biblical life values which guide the working community of WayMakers:

1. Ambitious Humility

We delight in the honor-bestowing love of God. We believe that God has created, redeemed, and called each of us uniquely as a son or daughter precious to Him. Furthermore, He has bestowed grace upon each of us to serve Him in ways that He deems valuable in His purposes. We celebrate the grace and the place of each of His servants. We renounce the ways of competition. By the power of Christ we seek to overcome the insidious forces of jealousy and pride.

2. Holy Integrity

We aspire to live in the fear of God. We commit ourselves to live in truth. The beauty of God’s holiness is for us the sole protocol of honesty and honor in speech, commerce, and covenantal relationships.

3. Lavish Simplicity

We live in joyous dependence upon the Father’s provision. Expecting the Father to grant adequacy for all that is needed, we live with simplicity and practice lavish generosity.

4. Edifying Honor

We will desire to honor all people. We will find ways to speak well and lift the dignity of others. Critique will be offered only with redemptive purpose and in ways that edify.

5. Eager Obedience

We seek to obey our Lord Jesus Christ in all things. We heed God’s word, finding therein a rule of life and conduct as well as a mandate for mission in all the world. We expect Christ to give orders to us by the Holy Spirit and the word of God. We will seek to carry out the stewardship of deeds that Christ has entrusted to us. We will practice submission to one another as to Christ. We expect Christ’s leadership to be expressed to us by the entire community of faith and the leadership God has appointed for us.

6. Relational Wholeness

We expect Christ to be transforming us to become a community in which there is growing love for one another. For this relational wholeness, we expect to live in a holy brokenness before God and a wise openness to one another. We offer to one another both forgiveness and forbearance.

7. Joyous Purity

We will live with sexual purity as God has designed and described in His word. We will honor the covenant and holy mystery of matrimony.

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