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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World: 2020


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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World: 2020


This prayer guide is no longer available from WayMakers. However, you may still purchase copies from WorldChristian.com

Coinciding with Ramadan, Christians worldwide are called to make an intentional effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors…across the street and around the world.

Media sound bites about Islamic extremism can too easily incite anger, fear and even hatred toward Muslims. Instead, pray with the mind and heart of Christ. This full-color prayer guide is a proven tool helping Christians to understand and to persistently pray for Muslim neighbors and nations.

Each day focuses on a specific issue or area of the Islamic world. As you read through it and pray, you’ll gain a better understanding and a heart for Muslims, which transcends the news headlines.

April 24 to May 23, 2020.

56 pages.

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