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Hope different: Step into the story of His glory

Be forewarned! This article by Steve Hawthorne has been known to be passion-forming. You’ll find a sturdy biblical paradigm of what God is working toward throughout every part of history, all over the earth. Your life is probably more significant than you may have realized. For many, this vision of Christ’s greater glory has united their lives around the love of God, instilling hope and passion in every area of life.

This is one of the primary parts of the textbook and course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

The Story of His Glory

by Steve Hawthorne

The Bible is basically a story about God. When we turn to the Bible as a self-help book, we end up bored or frustrated with what seems to be a rambling collection of stories. What if the Bible is more about God than it is about us? How thrilling to discover that every element of scripture–the reports of events, the verses of distilled wisdom, the lyrical prophecies–converge in one central saga of one worthy Person.

We’re used to the idea that the Bible is a true story. It’s so true that the story is still unfolding to this minute. We are used to hearing that the Bible is a love story. But we tend to see only one side of the love: how God loves people. If the main point of the Bible is that God is to be loved with heart, soul, mind and strength, perhaps it would be wise to read the entire story from God’s point of view. When we look at it all from God’s viewpoint, the grand love story finally makes sense: God is not just loving people. He is transforming them to become people who can fully love Him. God is drawing people as worshipers to offer freely to Him their love-inspired glory.

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