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Perspectives Reader and Study Guide, 4th Ed.


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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement presents a multi-faceted collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization.

Writings from more than 150 mission scholars and practitioners (over 60 of them new in this edition) portray the history and anticipate the potential of the global Christian movement. Every one of the 170 articles are side bars offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing that Christ is named and followed among all the peoples of the earth.

The Fourth Edition contains over 60 articles and sidebars that are new to this edition. Many articles have been updated and revised.

The Study Guide serves as a companion to the Fourth Edition Reader. The materials are the standard curriculum for the extension course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Learn more about Perspectives »

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