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Light From My House


Freshly-worded, focused prayers around the theme of God’s light. Ignite ordinary prayer meetings with the light of hope for co-workers, school-mates, neighbors, or friends.

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Light from My House: Ways to Pray for God’s Light to Shine

Focused prayers with biblical substance help reignite the prayers of Lighthouse neighborhood and workplace groups with select scriptures for the light of Christ to reach people who don’t yet know him. Great for prayerwalkers or for “lighthouse” prayer gatherings to keep prayers blazing with steady hope. 16 pages. Pocket-sized for easy reference. $2.00.

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Number of Copies Discount Cost
1-19 copies $2.00 each
20-49 copies 10% $1.80 each
50-99 copies 20% $1.60 each
100-249 copies 25% $1.50 each
250-499 copies 30% $1.40 each
500-999 copies 35% $1.30 each
1000+ 40% $1.20 each

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