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Two ways to get the Seek God app

You can either buy a single copy for yourself, or you can buy multiple copies for groups of any size, or as gifts for people anywhere.

Get multiple copies of the app for groups or as gifts

Buy multiple copies for groups in your church or city for the same price (99¢ each). Or you can get a few copies to give as gifts to friends or to Christian workers anywhere in the world. Here’s how:

1. Buy an activation code.

Go to the WayMakers store to buy the Seek God app activation code. You can buy a single code that will work for whatever number of copies you buy. Each copy is 99¢.

You will be sent the code by email along with instructions to guide others in how to get the app and use the code.

If you would like more copies than you initially purchased, you can call our office (800-264-5214) to add more copies to the same code. Or, you can buy another code with the number of copies you need.

2. Guide users through the activation code process.

Three Simple Steps

Once they have received the activation code, each user must follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit seekgodforthecity.com (preferably from your mobile device) and select Enter Activation Code. You will be prompted to enter the 12-digit activation code, and to provide an email address and password for your new Seek God account. If you already have an account, start by signing in.
  2. Once your account is activated, follow the app store link to install the app on your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire device.
  3. Once the app is installed, open it, enter the email address and password for your Seek God account, and start praying.
Video Walkthrough

This video demonstrates how to redeem the activation code.

Buy a single copy

Download the app at no cost to preview a few parts of the Seek God 2017 app. Then, do an in-app purchase (only 99¢) to get all 40 days of biblical prayers and access to all the cool features.

The in-app process, which opens the full content, will guide you through the simple steps to establish a Seek God account. The account enables you to access the full content on your mobile devices.

Download it for Apple devices using iOS on the App Store. Just 99¢ (in-app purchase).

Download it for Android on Google Play. Just 99¢ (in-app purchase).

For Kindle Fire get it on the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire. Just 99¢ (in-app purchase).

In-app purchase steps
  1. Start by installing the app, using one of the above links or opening the App Store and searching for “Seek God 2017”.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and enter your email address. If you already have a Seek God account, you will be prompted to enter your password. Otherwise, you will need to create new password.
  3. When asked if you have an activation code, choose No. Then, select Buy 2017 Activation ($0.99) to initiate an in-app purchase. (You may need to authorize the purchase with your App Store account password or Touch ID.)
  4. When the purchase and the download have completed, select OK on the confirmation message, and start praying.
Video Walkthrough

This video demonstrates how to set up your Seek God account and get the full 2017 content.

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